Baked rolls in Tra Vinh Vietnam

Gift classifieds familiar of Vietnamese youth is baked rolls. Baked rolls are available in many shops in all over the place, not is a stranger, but perhaps only in Tra Vinh, it is elevated up into specialties for international tourists have Vietnam visa. Not difficult to visualize why it is specialty of Tra Vinh, because it is here, blow into particular focus through the way of processing-frills little place do. The Tra Vinh rolls baked not grind the meat as other places, which were spread with a mortar stone. According to them, brush, stone mortar will help the meat retain fresh water essence, baked up well, soft, sweet, than, is not as dry as nem. Pork buy, filter out the grease to separate, the lean a piece of thin and took the brush until a smooth puree. The fat to separate and bring cleaning wipes, sliced, chopped strands, long, slender.
Mixed meat with fiber grease with spices it all back over time, exposure to wind, meat infuse all the spices, become in in beautiful pink eyes and hunt for more. Each skewer consists of five meatballs round black berries, quail eggs, aromatic flavor, of a yellowish red color, attractive, each, tough meat soft, sweet, bold taste to find the grill very Japanese bit, not roasted over fire, as well as often flip to nem baking is not scorched.
Baked rolls, Tra Vinh will lack if you don’t be dots of the same bowl of the delicious, fussy. The brown comparison, bui natural sweetness of green beans, bold but subdued thanks to the added sugar. To augment the delicious for the bowl the people add to it vinegar, minced chilli with crushed roasted peanuts.
Baked rolls hot dots directly into the bowl the and sip was delicious to irresistible uninstall every package in piece of cake, fragrant with star fruit, tomatoes, slices of green banana, radish with young ginger pickled in vinegar, sugar, pickle garlic, fiery and fresh vegetables, then dot into the soy sauce to enjoy it longer. more.
Tra Vinh has many nem nuong restaurant, cafe, delicious, not to mention the consistency of the following: Grilled Plum Trees, the cool, baked rolls, tasty and cheap just 20000đ part spring rolls with vegetables served, add noodles that you have distended abdomen. Nem nuong restaurant Fork Fish Tail or a Bun baked rolls and fresh spring rolls at Phan Dinh Phung equally edges.
Source: Du Lich

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